Lifestyle Plus Indoor Netball is a safe, fast, fun filled game for people of all ages. The rules are easy to pick up, and there are competitions for both mixed and ladies, suitable for beginners right through to more advanced teams.

The Team

The mixed competitions are 7 a side. In the mixed version, there is no more than 3 males on the court and they must play in different thirds.

The Uniforms

Teams are to wear same colour shirts, bibs and all equipment are provided by the centre.

The Ump

The centre will provide umpires who shall control the game, and operate scoreboard. It is expected that all players respect the umpire and their decisions at all times. Game times and timeslots are run by the central timing.

Game times

The game consists of four 9 minute quarters. All teams are expected to have paid their game fee and be ready to play five minutes prior to their scheduled start time. Forfeited games will result in a forfeit fee.


Netball teams are required to pay a seasonal team entry fee of $70. Teams pay a weekly fee of $70. All fees cover umpires, bibs, insurance and balls.  




 Lifestyle Plus has three seasons to choose from so teams can play all year round!!

Summer - January to April

Autumn - April to September

Spring - September to December